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Best Classical Tunes  - is a multi-lingual web site dedicated to music lovers, music students, music teachers, and people who are just discovering the world of classical music. Its objective is to make it easy for people to listen to the best tunes the classics have to offer, and to provide free access to the sheet music for these tunes.
It also boasts a popular melody search feature, with a virtual piano so you can play a theme with the mouse or a touch-screen, and the system will search for the tune in its database. If it finds it, it will name it, play it and display the music notation for it.

Good tunes are vital ingredients of listenable music. This site is particularly devoted to pleasing melodies. It is crammed full of tunes that have lasted for centuries and will continue to last for many more.

Some Mozart String Quartets.
Crystal-clear, tuneful, and quintessentially classical music to calm your nerves.
String Quartet no 14 in G major, K387.
String Quartet no 17 in Bb K 458 'The Hunt'
String Quartet no 19 in C K465 'Dissonant'

Handy Tips.
- simply type the first few letters of any composer's name, and once uniquely identified, that composer's screen will pop up, from any web page in this site.
- Click on any picture on this page to hear a demo

Currently Available Tunes:
1966 tune entries, containing:-  
511 scores as PDF;
1134 midi files;
1951 audio mp3 files
2695 dictionary themes;
by  167 composers.

plus heaps of traditional and folk tunes.

Browsers.  It now supports 6 web browsers:- Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari,  Firefox, Opera,  and Internet Explorer. For more information about browser support see Frequently Asked Questions.

Best Classical Tunes is now a multi-lingual site in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Just click on one of the flags above. It also has text-to-speech options on many pages (in all 5 languages), so you can listen to the text being read out to you.

The Speech Recognition page allows you to navigate this site using voice commands instead of the fly-out menu. This is currently only supported in Google Chrome browser, and only in the English language version so far.

Song Finder
When you use the virtual piano of our themes dictionary lookup to search for a theme,  all matching tunes now show musical notation and a green play button so you can listen instantly.

Feedback.    This site was created and is maintained by Victor Gomersall, QLD, Australia, solely for the love of music and the benefit and enjoyment of the community. 

However, I am very keen to receive feedback from you if you have enjoyed my site.  Please tell me what you like and dislike, and any suggestions you have.  I am also interested in what country you are from.  The musical community is international,  and I have received emails from so many different countries all around the world.  You can contact me by email here.

String Quartet
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