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Clarinet          Return to list of instruments

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument with a beautiful rich velvety texture of sound in its lower register, (called the chalumeau register after an earlier instrument)  and a powerful and penetrating sound in its middle and high registers.

It has a single reed, set in a pointed mouthpiece, unlike the oboe and bassoon, which both possess a double reed. It is cylindrical in shape, unlike the cone shape of oboes and bassoons, and it ends with  a bell shape.

The most common clarinet today is the Bb clarinet, whose range starts at the D below middle C (Midi note D3), and reaches up to the Bb above the 2nd C above middle C  (Midi note Bb6),   a total range of more than 3� octaves. Music written for the Bb clarinet sounds one tone lower than written, so a written C sounds as the Bb below it.  The A clarinet is a semi-tone lower than the Bb clarinet.

The clarinet has been a regular member of the orchestra since about 1770. In addition, there is an excellent repertoire of music for solo or accompanied clarinet. Supremely famous are Mozart's clarinet concerto and his clarinet quintet.

Music featuring the Clarinet. Audio is available for 82 tunes for this instrument.
No.Name of WorkCategoryComposer
1 Alexander's Ragtime BandJazzBerlin
2 An American in Paris - 3rd theme (Blues)Tone PoemGershwin
3 Au Clair de la LuneNursery RhymesVarious
4 Bare NecessitiesJazzVarious
5 Blow Away the Morning DewFolk SongVarious
6 Blue SkiesJazzBerlin
7 Clarinet Concerto in A K622ConcertoMozart
8 Clarinet Quintet in A K581 for clarinet and stringsChamber MusicMozart
9 Early One MorningFolk SongVarious
10 Fascinating RhythmPopular SongsGershwin
11 Frère JacquesFolk SongVarious
12 Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlenFolk SongVarious
13 GavotteShort PieceGossec
14 Gigue from Overture for 2 Chalumeaux, 2 violettas and BassoChamber MusicTelemann
15 Gigue, from 9th Sonata for violin cello and keyboardSonataCorelli
16 Heart of my Heart (version 2)JazzVarious
17 I Got Rhythm (jazzy clarinet)JazzGershwin
18 Jingle BellsPopular SongsPierpont
19 Landler in F for clarinet and pianoShort PieceWeber
20 Lazy RiverJazzVarious
21 Les Bicyclettes de BelsizePopular SongsVarious
22 Michael Row the Boat AshoreJazzVarious
23 Midsummer Vigil (Swedish Rhapsody No.1)Short PieceAlfven
24 Minstrel Boy (The)Folk SongVarious
25 Music for the Royal FireworksSuiteHandel
26 New RagShort PieceJoplin
27 Nymphs and Shepherds, Come Away!SongPurcell
28 On the Steppes of Central AsiaTone PoemBorodin
29 Phantasiestuck for clarinet and piano, Op 73 No.1Chamber MusicSchumann
30 Piano Trio in Bb Op 11 for piano, clarinet and cello.Chamber MusicBeethoven
31 Piano Trio in Eb "Kegelstadt" K498Chamber MusicMozart
32 Quando Quando - sambaPopular SongsVarious
33 Que Sera, SeraWaltzVarious
34 Rampart Street ParadeJazzVarious
35 Rhapsody in BlueConcertoGershwin
36 Rock My SoulJazzVarious
37 Romance for Clarinet and PianoChamber MusicGerman
38 Romance from Clarinet Concerto No.3ConcertoStamitz
39 Roses from the South, Op 388WaltzStrauss-Johann2
40 Rumanian melody Op 83 No.5 (from 6 pieces for trio)Chamber MusicBruch
41 San FranPopular SongsVarious
42 Scotland the BraveFolk SongVarious
43 Serenade in G K525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - arr. for clarinet and piano.Chamber MusicMozart
44 She'll be Coming Round the Mountain When She ComesFolk SongVarious
45 Sleigh RideShort PieceAnderson
46 Someone to Watch Over MePopular SongsGershwin
47 Sorcerer's Apprentice ( L'Apprenti Sorcier)Tone PoemDukas
48 Stranger On the ShoreJazzBilk
49 Summer TimeJazzGershwin
50 Sweet Lass from Richmond HillFolk SongVarious
51 Symphonie Fantastique Op 14SymphonyBerlioz
52 Tea Cha ChaPopular SongsVarious
53 The Magistrate's LassFolk SongVarious
54 The Phantom of the OperaPopular SongsLloyd-Webber
55 The Trout (Song) "Die Forelle", - clarinet and pianoSongSchubert
56 The Vicar of BrayFolk SongVarious
57 Three Blind MiceNursery RhymesVarious
58 Three-Part Invention No.12 in AChamber MusicBach
59 TiritombaFolk SongVarious
60 Waltzing MatildaFolk SongVarious
61 We wish You a Merry ChristmasFolk SongVarious
62 Who's Sorry NowPopular SongsVarious
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