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A Solo means music performed by a single musician, for example a pianist alone. In fact piano solos must be the most widely known form of solo music. The word solo is Italian meaning alone. The correct Italian plural should be soli, but in English-speaking musical circles it is perfectly acceptable to say solos.

For a singer to sing a solo, he or she must have a very well-developed sense of pitch and rhythm in order to perform without the support of a piano or other instruments. Other instruments for which many composers have written solos include the flute (Debussy), the harp, the harpsichord, the organ, the guitar, and the violin.

Music featuring the Solo. Audio is available for 383 tunes for this ensemble.
No.Name of WorkComposerCategoryPeriod
1 Agogo TuneVariousShort PieceTraditional
2 Album for the Young, Op 68 pianoSchumannSuiteRomantic
3 Album LeafGriegShort PieceRomantic
4 All Through the NightVariousFolk SongTraditional
5 Alle Vogel Sind Schon DaVariousFolk SongTraditional
6 An Old Musical BoxDe-SéveracShort PieceRomantic
7 Andantino, Piano Concerto No.9 (arr. Busoni)MozartShort PieceClassical
8 Arabesque No.1 in EDebussyShort PieceImpressionist
9 Aria from Goldberg Variations BWV 988BachVariationsBaroque
10 Arlequin from Carnaval Op 9SchumannSuiteRomantic
11 Art of the Fugue BWV 1080BachShort PieceBaroque
12 Auld Lang SyneVariousFolk SongTraditional
13 Automne (Étude de concert), Op. 35, No.2ChaminadeShort PieceRomantic
14 Baa baa Black SheepVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
15 Bagatelles (six) - Op 126BeethovenShort PieceClassical
16 Ballade No 2 in F, Op.38ChopinShort PieceRomantic
17 Ballade No.3 in A-flat, Op. 47ChopinShort PieceRomantic
18 Barcarolle, Op. 60ChopinShort PieceRomantic
19 Berceuse, Op. 57ChopinShort PieceRomantic
20 Blue Bells of ScotlandWallaceShort PieceModern (Serious)
21 Boney was a warriorVariousFolk SongTraditional
22 Botany BayVariousFolk SongTraditional
23 Butterfly from Lyric Pieces Book 3, Op 43GriegShort PieceRomantic
24 Callirhoè (Air de ballet)ChaminadeShort PieceRomantic
25 Camptown RacesFosterFolk SongTraditional
26 Cape Cod GirlsVariousFolk SongTraditional
27 Carmen Fantasy, K284BusoniShort PieceRomantic
28 Cerdaña. Cinq Études Pittoresques (Five Picturesque Studies for the Piano).De-SéveracSuiteImpressionist
29 Cheek to CheekBerlinPopular SongsPopular Modern
30 Clair de Lune from Suite BergamasqueDebussyShort PieceImpressionist
31 Come Lasses and LadsVariousFolk SongTraditional
32 Comin' thro' the RyeVariousFolk SongTraditional
33 ConsolationLisztShort PieceRomantic
34 Deck the Halls with Boughs of HollyVariousSongTraditional
35 Écossaise No.1 in DChopinShort PieceRomantic
36 Écossaise No.2 in GChopinShort PieceRomantic
37 El Choclo - Tango ArgentineVilloldoShort PieceRomantic
38 Er ißt gekommen in Sturm und Regen (Liszt)FranzSongRomantic
39 Eriskay Love LiltVariousFolk SongTraditional
40 Étude Op 10 No.3 in EChopinShort PieceRomantic
41 Etude, Op. 2, No.11 in c-sharpScriabinShort PieceModern (Serious)
42 Fantasie Impromptu Op 66ChopinShort PieceRomantic
43 Fantasy in c, K. 475MozartShort PieceClassical
44 Fantasy in c, K.396MozartShort PieceClassical
45 Fantasy in d, K. 397MozartShort PieceClassical
46 First Noel (Christmas Carol)VariousSacredTraditional
47 For He's a Jolly Good FellowVariousFolk SongTraditional
48 Für EliseBeethovenShort PieceClassical
49 GigueScarlattiShort PieceBaroque
50 Gigue, from 9th SonataCorelliSonataBaroque
51 Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Preludes Book 1 No.8)DebussyShort PieceImpressionist
52 Girls and Boys come Out to PlayVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
53 Good King WenceslasVariousSacredRenaissance
54 Goosey Goosey GanderVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
55 Granada, from Suite Española, Op.47 AlbénizShort PieceImpressionist
56 Gymnopédies (for piano)SatieSuiteModern (Serious)
57 HabaneraChabrierShort PieceImpressionist
58 Happy BirthdayVariousPopular SongsTraditional
59 Here we go gathering Nuts in MayVariousFolk SongTraditional
60 Hot Cross BunsVariousFolk SongTraditional
61 Humoresque Op 101 No.7DvořákShort PieceRomantic
62 Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 in C# MinorLisztShort PieceRomantic
63 I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown HairFosterFolk SongTraditional
64 I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls, from The Bohemian GirlBalfeOperaRomantic
65 I saw Three ShipsVariousFolk SongTraditional
66 Impromptu in B, Opus 25 No.1ArenskyShort PieceRomantic
67 Impromptu No.2 in Ab Op.142SchubertShort PieceRomantic
68 Impromptu No.3 in Gb Op 90SchubertShort PieceRomantic
69 Impromptu Op 142 No.3 in BbSchubertShort PieceRomantic
70 In a Monastery GardenKetèlbeyShort PieceRomantic
71 Invitation to the Dance (Aufforderung zum Tanz)WeberWaltzRomantic
72 Islamey - Oriental FantasyBalakirevShort PieceRomantic
73 Jamaican RhumbaVariousShort PieceTraditional
74 Joy to the WorldHandelSacredBaroque
75 KillarneyBalfeSongRomantic
76 La danza - Tarentella Napolitana (piano transcription by Liszt)RossiniShort PieceRomantic
77 La MarseillaiseLisleSongTraditional
78 Landler No.1 in EbSchubertShort PieceRomantic
79 Last Rose of SummerStevensonFolk SongTraditional
80 Lavender's BlueVariousFolk SongTraditional
81 Le rappel des oiseauxRameauShort PieceBaroque
82 Les fifresDandrieuShort PieceBaroque
83 Liebesträume No.3LisztShort PieceRomantic
84 Lightly Row (Hanschen klein)VariousFolk SongTraditional
85 Little Bo PeepVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
86 Loch LomondVariousFolk SongTraditional
87 LohengrinWagnerOperaRomantic
88 London Bridge is falling down.VariousNursery RhymesTraditional
89 Löse, Himmel, meine Seele (arr. Liszt)LassenShort PieceRomantic
90 Lullaby (Sleep Little Prince)MozartShort PieceClassical
91 Maple Leaf RagJoplinShort PieceModern (Serious)
92 Mary had a Little LambVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
93 Mazurka Op. 7 No.1 in BbChopinShort PieceRomantic
94 Mazurka Op. 33, No.2 in DChopinShort PieceRomantic
95 Mazurka Op. 59, No.2 in A-flatChopinShort PieceRomantic
96 Mazurka Op. 63 No.3 in C# minorChopinShort PieceRomantic
97 Mazurka Op. 68, No.2 in A minorChopinShort PieceRomantic
98 Mélodie in FRubensteinShort PieceRomantic
99 Menuetto No.6 in D K355MozartShort PieceClassical
100 Minuet from Anna Magdalena's NotebookBachShort PieceBaroque
101 Minuet from French Suite No.3, BWV 814BachSuiteBaroque
102 Minuet from Keyboard Suit No.1 in GPurcellSuiteBaroque
103 Minuet in G (Beethoven)BeethovenShort PieceClassical
104 Minuet in G (Paderewski)PaderewskiShort PieceRomantic
105 Minuet in G (written while only 7 years old)MozartShort PieceClassical
106 Mock MorrisGraingerShort PieceModern (Serious)
107 Moment Musical Op 94 No.3 in F minorSchubertShort PieceRomantic
108 Morris dance from Henry VIII Incidental MusicGermanShort PieceRomantic
109 Mouvement perpetuelsPoulencShort PieceModern (Serious)
110 MusetteRameauShort PieceBaroque
111 My Old Kentucky HomeFosterFolk SongTraditional
112 Nocturne in C minor (posthumous)ChopinShort PieceRomantic
113 Nocturne in C# (posthumous)ChopinShort PieceRomantic
114 Nocturne No 4 in AFieldShort PieceRomantic
115 Nocturne No.1 in Bb minor Op 9 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
116 Nocturne No.1 in EbFieldShort PieceRomantic
117 Nocturne No.10 in Ab Op.32 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
118 Nocturne No.11 in G minor Op 37 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
119 Nocturne No.12 in G Op 37 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
120 Nocturne No.13 in C minor Op 48 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
121 Nocturne No.14 in F# minor Op 48 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
122 Nocturne No.15 in F minor Op 55 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
123 Nocturne No.16 in Eb Op 55 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
124 Nocturne No.17 in B Op 62 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
125 Nocturne No.18 in E Op 62 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
126 Nocturne No.19 in E minor Op 72 No.1 (posthumous)ChopinShort PieceRomantic
127 Nocturne No.2 in Eb Op 9 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
128 Nocturne No.3 in B Op 9 No.3ChopinShort PieceRomantic
129 Nocturne No.4 in F Op 15 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
130 Nocturne No.5 in BbFieldShort PieceRomantic
131 Nocturne No.5 in F# Op 15 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
132 Nocturne No.6 in G minor Op 15 No.3ChopinShort PieceRomantic
133 Nocturne No.7 in C# minor Op 27 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
134 Nocturne No.8 in Db Op 27 No.2ChopinShort PieceRomantic
135 Nocturne No.9 in B Op 32 No.1ChopinShort PieceRomantic
136 O Come all ye FaithfulVariousSacredTraditional
137 O du lieber AugustinVariousFolk SongTraditional
138 Oh, No JohnVariousFolk SongTraditional
139 Ombra mai piu - Aria from Xerxes (Largo)HandelOperaBaroque
140 One Two, Three Four FiveVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
141 Op. 118, No 2: Intermezzo in ABrahmsShort PieceRomantic
142 Oranges and Lemons, say the Bells of St ClemensVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
143 Papillons Op 2SchumannSuiteRomantic
144 PastoraleScarlattiShort PieceBaroque
145 Pavan - The Earle of SalisburyByrdShort PieceRenaissance
146 Piano Sonata No.01 in F minor Op 2 No.1BeethovenSonataClassical
147 Piano Sonata No.02 in A, Op.2, No.2BeethovenSonataClassical
148 Piano Sonata No.08 in C minor Op 13 "Pathetique"BeethovenSonataClassical
149 Piano Sonata No.14 in C# minor - MoonlightBeethovenSonataClassical
150 Piano Sonata No.19 in G minor Op 49 No.1BeethovenSonataClassical
151 Piano Sonata No.20 in G Opus 49 No.2BeethovenSonataClassical
152 PoemFibichShort PieceRomantic
153 Polly OliverVariousFolk SongTraditional
154 Polonaise in A Major Op 40 No.1 'Military'ChopinShort PieceRomantic
155 Polonaise, Op. 53 in A-flatChopinShort PieceRomantic
156 Pop Goes the WeaselVariousFolk SongTraditional
157 Préambule from Carnaval Op 9SchumannSuiteRomantic
158 Prelude in C BWV846a from The Well-Tempered ClavierBachShort PieceBaroque
159 Preludes, Op. 28ChopinShort PieceRomantic
160 Punch (Le Polichinelle)Villa-LobosShort PieceModern (Serious)
161 RagamuffinIrelandShort PieceRomantic
162 Recuerdos de la AlhambraTarregaShort PieceRomantic
163 Requiem: Confutatis & Lacrimosa (arr. Liszt)MozartSacredClassical
164 RêverieDebussyShort PieceImpressionist
165 Ring-A-RosesVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
166 Robin AdairVariousFolk SongTraditional
167 Robin Hood and the Curtal FriarVariousFolk SongTraditional
168 RockingVariousFolk SongTraditional
169 Romance, La Pazza Per AmoreDalayracShort PieceClassical
170 Rondeau in D minorPurcellShort PieceBaroque
171 Rudolph the Red-nosed ReindeerVariousPopular SongsPopular Modern
172 Rumanian Folk DancesBartókShort PieceModern (Serious)
173 Rustle of Spring Op 32 No.3SindingShort PieceModern (Serious)
174 Sadness of Soul, from Songs without WordsMendelssohnShort PieceRomantic
175 SamsonHandelOperaBaroque
176 Santa Claus is Coming to TownVariousPopular SongsPopular Modern
177 Saviour, When in Dust to Thee (Hymn)VariousSacredTraditional
178 Scarf DanceChaminadeShort PieceRomantic
179 Scenes from Childhood Op. 15SchumannSuiteRomantic
180 Scherzo No.4 in E, Op.54ChopinShort PieceRomantic
181 Scotland the BraveVariousFolk SongTraditional
182 Scots wha hae' wi' Wallace bledVariousFolk SongTraditional
183 Serenade, Op. 29ChaminadeShort PieceRomantic
184 Shepherds AwakenVariousSacredTraditional
185 Shepherd's Hey, from English Morris DancesGraingerShort PieceModern (Serious)
186 Sonata in C, L.104, K.159ScarlattiSonataBaroque
187 Sonata in D (BH 37)HaydnSonataClassical
188 Sonata, K.279 in CMozartSonataClassical
189 Sonata, K.280 in F majorMozartSonataClassical
190 Sonata, K.281 in B-flatMozartSonataClassical
191 Sonata, K.282 in E-flatMozartSonataClassical
192 Sonata, K.283 in GMozartSonataClassical
193 Sonata, K.284 in DMozartSonataClassical
194 Sonata, K.309 in CMozartSonataClassical
195 Sonata, K.310 in A minorMozartSonataClassical
196 Sonata, K.311 in DMozartSonataClassical
197 Sonata, K.330 in CMozartSonataClassical
198 Sonata, K.331 in AMozartSonataClassical
199 Sonata, K.332 in F majorMozartSonataClassical
200 Sonata, K.333 in B-flatMozartSonataClassical
201 Sonata, K.457 in CMozartSonataClassical
202 Sonata, K.533 in FMozartSonataClassical
203 Sonata, K.545 in CMozartSonataClassical
204 Sonata, K.570 in B-flatMozartSonataClassical
205 Sonata, K.576 in DMozartSonataClassical
206 Sonatina in B-flat, Op.439b, No.4MozartSonataClassical
207 Sonatina in F, Op.439b, No.5MozartSonataClassical
208 Sonatina, Op.36, No.1 in CClementiSonataClassical
209 Song of the Volga BoatmenVariousFolk SongTraditional
210 Song Without Words Opus 40 No.6TchaikovskyShort PieceRomantic
211 Spanish Dance in A, Op 12 No.3MoszkowskiShort PieceRomantic
212 Spanish Dance No.2GranadosShort PieceRomantic
213 Sur Le PontVariousFolk SongTraditional
214 Sweet Lass from Richmond HillVariousFolk SongTraditional
215 TambourinRameauShort PieceBaroque
216 Tango in DAlbénizShort PieceImpressionist
217 The Ash GroveVariousFolk SongTraditional
218 The Easy WinnersJoplinShort PieceModern (Serious)
219 The Flatt'rer (La Lisonjera)ChaminadeShort PieceRomantic
220 The Linden Tree (Der Lindenbaum)SchubertSongRomantic
221 The Magistrate's LassVariousFolk SongTraditional
222 The Mill WheelVariousFolk SongTraditional
223 The Wanderer (Das Wandern)SchubertSongRomantic
224 This Old ManVariousFolk SongTraditional
225 To a Wild Rose (from Woodland Sketches) Op 51 No.1McDowellShort PieceRomantic
226 To Spring - from Lyric Pieces Op 43 No.6GriegTone PoemRomantic
227 Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565BachShort PieceBaroque
228 Toccata in AParadiesShort PieceBaroque
229 Tritsch-Tratsch PolkaStrauss-Johann2Short PieceRomantic
230 True Love (Swabian Air)VariousFolk SongTraditional
231 Trumpet Voluntary (Prince of Denmark's March)ClarkeMarchBaroque
232 Two-Part Invention No.01 in CBachShort PieceBaroque
233 Two-Part Invention No.02 in C minorBachShort PieceBaroque
234 Two-Part Invention No.03 in DBachShort PieceBaroque
235 Two-Part Invention No.04 in D minorBachShort PieceBaroque
236 Two-Part Invention No.05 in EbBachShort PieceBaroque
237 Two-Part Invention No.08 in FBachShort PieceBaroque
238 Two-part Invention No.13 in A MinorBachShort PieceBaroque
239 Two-Part Invention No.14 in BbBachShort PieceBaroque
240 Unto Us is Born a SonVariousSacredTraditional
241 Upon Paul's SteepleVariousFolk SongTraditional
242 Valse Brillante in Ab Op 34 No.1ChopinWaltzRomantic
243 Valse in EbDurandWaltzRomantic
244 Variations on "Ah, vous dirais-je, maman"MozartVariationsClassical
245 Waltz in A minor for pianoGriegWaltzRomantic
246 Waltz in Ab for pianoBrahmsWaltzRomantic
247 Waltz in Eb Grande Valse Brillante.ChopinWaltzRomantic
248 Waltz in Gb Op 70 No.1ChopinWaltzRomantic
249 Waltz No.10 in B minorChopinWaltzRomantic
250 Waltz No.3 in A minor Op.34 No.2ChopinWaltzRomantic
251 Waltz No.6 in Db "Minute Waltz"ChopinWaltzRomantic
252 Waltz No.7 in C# minorChopinWaltzRomantic
253 Waltz, Op. 34, No.3 in FChopinWaltzRomantic
254 Waltz, Op. 42 in A-flatChopinWaltzRomantic
255 Waltz, Op. 64, No.3 in A-flatChopinWaltzRomantic
256 Waltz, Op. 69, No.1 in A-flatChopinWaltzRomantic
257 Waltz, Op. 70, No.2 in F minorChopinWaltzRomantic
258 Waltz, Op. 70, No.3 in D-flatChopinWaltzRomantic
259 Waltz, Op. Posth. in E minorChopinWaltzRomantic
260 Waltzes - from 36 Original Dances D365SchubertWaltzClassical
261 Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Op 65 No.6GriegShort PieceRomantic
262 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.01 in CBachShort PieceBaroque
263 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.02 in C minorBachShort PieceBaroque
264 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.03 in C#BachShort PieceBaroque
265 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.05 in DBachShort PieceBaroque
266 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.07 in EbBachShort PieceBaroque
267 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.08 in Eb minorBachShort PieceBaroque
268 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.09 in EBachShort PieceBaroque
269 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.21 in BbBachShort PieceBaroque
270 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.22 in Bb minorBachShort PieceBaroque
271 What can the Matter be?VariousFolk SongTraditional
272 Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?VariousFolk SongTraditional
273 While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by NightHandelSacredBaroque
274 Why? (Warum?) Op 12 No.3SchumannShort PieceRomantic
275 Wi' A Hundred PipersVariousFolk SongTraditional
276 Will Ye No Come Back AgainVariousFolk SongTraditional
277 Wraggle Taggle Gypsies OhVariousFolk SongTraditional
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