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London is the capital of England, whose area is 130,410 square kilometres, and its population is 50,770,000 people.

England forms a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (U.K.) The Union Jack flag at left is the UK flag. The population of UK as a whole was 58,649,000 (in 2000), and its area is 244,082 sq.Kms.

In the renaissance, Tallis and Byrd were actively writing sacred music and madrigals. Thomas Morley re-invented the Italian madrigal and set the trend for English madrigals. In the baroque, Purcell is pre-eminent.

During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, England, especially London, attracted composers and musicians from all over Europe and the musical world. It had industrious music publishing houses, enthusiastic (paying) concert audiences, and huge numbers of keen amateur musicians eager to snap up any new music they could get their hands on. Handel, from Germany, was one of the earliest immigrants, followed by Clementi from Italy, and Cramer from Germany.

England produced several native-born composers of international renown in the 19th century, notably Elgar, Holst. Sullivan and Delius.

Tunes originating from England. Audio is available for 220 tunes from this country.
No.Name of WorkComposerCategoryEnsemble
1 And I Love HerMcCartneyPopular SongsOther Ensembles
2 Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?VariousFolk SongOrchestra
3 As I was going to Strawberry FairVariousFolk SongDuet
4 Aspirations OvertureGomersallOvertureOrchestra
5 Ave Verum CorpusByrdSacredChoir
6 Baa baa Black SheepVariousNursery RhymesSolo
7 Barbara AllenVariousFolk SongString Quartet
8 Begone Dull CareVariousFolk SongOrchestra
9 Blow Away the Morning DewVariousFolk SongWind Chamber Groups
10 Blow the Man DownVariousFolk SongDuet
11 Bobby ShaftoeVariousFolk SongDuet
12 Boney was a warriorVariousFolk SongSolo
13 British Grenadiers MarchVariousFolk SongBrass Band
14 Canon on Ravenscroft's PsalterTallisSacredChoir
15 Cello Concerto in E minor Op 85ElgarConcertoOrchestra
16 Chanson de MatinElgarShort PieceDuet
17 Cherry RipeVariousSongDuet
18 Cockaigne Overture Op 40 "In London Town"ElgarOvertureOrchestra
19 Colonel Bogey MarchVariousMarchMilitary Band
20 Come Lasses and LadsVariousFolk SongSolo
21 Coventry CarolVariousSacredChoir
22 Dambusters MarchCoatesMarchOrchestra
23 Deck the Halls with Boughs of HollyVariousSongSolo
24 Drink To Me Only With Thine EyesVariousFolk SongDuet
25 Early One MorningVariousFolk SongTrio
26 Elizabethan SerenadeBingeShort PieceOrchestra
27 Enigma VariationsElgarVariationsOrchestra
28 Fairest Isle from King ArthurPurcellSongDuet
29 Falstaff. Symphonic Study, Op 68ElgarTone PoemOrchestra
30 Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas TallisVaughan-WilliamsTone PoemOrchestra
31 Fantasia on GreensleevesVaughan-WilliamsTone PoemOrchestra
32 First Noel (Christmas Carol)VariousSacredSolo
33 Floating - for piano and stringsGomersallTone PoemOrchestra
34 Girls and Boys come Out to PlayVariousNursery RhymesSolo
35 God Rest You Merry GentlemenVariousSacredDuet
36 God Save the QueenVariousSacredOrchestra
37 Golden SlumbersVariousFolk SongPops Orchestra
38 GondoliersSullivanOperaOrchestra
39 Goosey Goosey GanderVariousNursery RhymesSolo
40 GreensleevesVariousFolk SongDuet
41 Hamabdil - a Hebrew MelodyBantockChamber MusicDuet
42 Here we go gathering Nuts in MayVariousFolk SongSolo
43 Here's a Health unto his MajestyVariousFolk SongDuet
44 Hey Diddle DiddleVariousNursery RhymesTrio
45 Hey JudeMcCartneyPopular SongsRhythm Combo
46 Hickory Dickory Dock, the Mouse Ran up the ClockVariousNursery RhymesTrio
47 HMS PinaforeSullivanOperaOrchestra
48 Holly and the IvyVariousSacredDuet
49 Hot Cross BunsVariousFolk SongSolo
50 Humpty Dumpty Sat on a WallVariousNursery RhymesDuet
51 I had a little Nut treeVariousFolk SongDuet
52 I saw Three ShipsVariousFolk SongSolo
53 Imperial March Op 32ElgarMarchOrchestra
54 In a Monastery GardenKetèlbeyShort PieceSolo
55 In a Persian MarketKetèlbeyTone PoemOrchestra
56 In a Summer garden, 1st theme BDeliusTone PoemOrchestra
57 Interlude No 1 in F for String QuartetGomersallChamber MusicString Quartet
58 Interlude No 2 in C for String QuartetGomersallChamber MusicString Quartet
59 Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Op 47ElgarShort PieceOrchestra
60 IolantheSullivanOperaOrchestra
61 It Came Upon a Midnight ClearVariousSacredDuet
62 It was a Lover and his LassMorleySongDuet
63 Jack And JillVariousNursery RhymesPops Orchestra
64 JerusalemParrySacredOrchestra
65 John Peel (Do you ken John Peel)VariousFolk SongDuet
66 Keel RowVariousFolk SongDuet
67 Knightsbridge MarchCoatesMarchOrchestra
68 La Calinda from KoangaDeliusTone PoemOrchestra
69 Lavender's BlueVariousFolk SongSolo
70 Les Bicyclettes de BelsizeVariousPopular SongsOther Ensembles
71 Like to the Damask RoseElgarSongDuet
72 Lincolnshire PoacherVariousFolk SongDuet
73 Little Bo PeepVariousNursery RhymesSolo
74 London Bridge is falling down.VariousNursery RhymesSolo
75 Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How does your Garden Grow?VariousNursery RhymesString Quartet
76 Memory from 'Cats'.Lloyd-WebberPopular SongsOther Ensembles
77 MikadoSullivanOperaOrchestra
78 Miniature OvertureGomersallOvertureOrchestra
79 Minuet for Hand BellsGomersallChamber MusicOrchestra
80 Minuet from Keyboard Suit No.1 in GPurcellSuiteSolo
81 Morris dance from Henry VIII Incidental MusicGermanShort PieceSolo
82 Mysteria - Tone Picture for Orchestra.GomersallTone PoemOrchestra
83 Now is the Month of MayingMorleyChamber MusicChoir
84 Nymphs and Shepherds, Come Away!PurcellSongDuet
85 O Come all ye FaithfulVariousSacredSolo
86 O Little Town of BethlehemVariousSacredTrio
87 Oak and the AshVariousFolk SongDuet
88 Oh, No JohnVariousFolk SongSolo
89 Once in Royal David's CityGauntlettSacredOther Ensembles
90 One Two, Three Four FiveVariousNursery RhymesSolo
91 Oranges and Lemons, say the Bells of St ClemensVariousNursery RhymesSolo
92 Overture in E minorGomersallOvertureOrchestra
93 Pavan - The Earle of SalisburyByrdShort PieceSolo
94 Piano Trio in DGomersallChamber MusicTrio
95 Picnic TimeVariousPopular SongsPops Orchestra
96 Pirates of PenzanceSullivanOperaOrchestra
97 Polly OliverVariousFolk SongSolo
98 Pomp and Circumstance Military Marches, Op 39ElgarMarchOrchestra
99 Pop Goes the WeaselVariousFolk SongSolo
100 PortsmouthVariousFolk SongOther Ensembles
101 RagamuffinIrelandShort PieceSolo
102 Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury CrossVariousNursery RhymesDuet
103 Ring-A-RosesVariousNursery RhymesSolo
104 Robin Hood and the Curtal FriarVariousFolk SongSolo
105 Romance for Clarinet and PianoGermanChamber MusicDuet
106 Romance Op 62 for bassoon and OrchestraElgarConcertoOrchestra
107 Rondeau in D minorPurcellShort PieceSolo
108 RuddigoreSullivanOperaOrchestra
109 Rule BritanniaArneSongOrchestra
110 Salut d'Amour Op 12ElgarShort PieceOrchestra
111 Sancte DeusTallisSacredChoir
112 Savannah ExcerptsGomersallSuiteOrchestra
113 Saviour, When in Dust to Thee (Hymn)VariousSacredSolo
114 Serenade for Strings, Op 20ElgarSuiteOrchestra
115 Sing a Song of SixpenceVariousNursery RhymesTrio
116 Spem in Alium - Motet in 40 partsTallisSacredChoir
117 St. Valentine's DayVariousShort PieceDuet
118 Stocho Barocco - an Aeolian AmbleGomersallShort PieceOrchestra
119 Stranger On the ShoreBilkJazzPops Orchestra
120 Study in Rondo FormGomersallChamber MusicWind Chamber Groups
121 Study in Ternary FormGomersallShort PieceString Quartet
122 Summer is a-coming inVariousSongChoir
123 Sunshine WaltzesGomersallWaltzOrchestra
124 Sweet Lass from Richmond HillVariousFolk SongSolo
125 Symphony No.1 in Ab Op 55ElgarSymphonyOrchestra
126 The Bells of AberdoveyDibdinSongDuet
127 The Blackbird (Tone Poem)GomersallTone PoemOther Ensembles
128 The Dashing White SergeantVariousFolk SongOther Ensembles
129 The Lark AscendingVaughan-WilliamsTone PoemOrchestra
130 The Old Woman and the PedlarGomersallChamber MusicString Quartet
131 The Phantom of the OperaLloyd-WebberPopular SongsOrchestra
132 The Planets SuiteHolstSuiteOrchestra
133 The Star Spangled BannerSmithFolk SongOrchestra
134 The Vicar of BrayVariousFolk SongDuet
135 The Water is WideVariousFolk SongDuet
136 There is a Tavern in the TownVariousFolk SongDuet
137 There was a Jolly MillerVariousFolk SongOther Ensembles
138 This Old ManVariousFolk SongSolo
139 Three Blind MiceVariousNursery RhymesTrio
140 Tranquil OvertureGomersallOvertureOrchestra
141 Trumpet Concerto in D majorPurcellConcertoOrchestra
142 Trumpet Voluntary (Prince of Denmark's March)ClarkeMarchSolo
143 Twinkle Twinkle Little StarVariousNursery RhymesOther Ensembles
144 Upon Paul's SteepleVariousFolk SongSolo
145 Violin Concerto in B minor Op 61ElgarConcertoOrchestra
146 We wish You a Merry ChristmasVariousFolk SongDuet
147 Weep O Mine EyesBennetSongChoir
148 West to East - Suite for OrchestraGomersallSuiteOrchestra
149 What can the Matter be?VariousFolk SongSolo
150 When Daisies PiedArneSongDuet
151 Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?VariousFolk SongSolo
152 Where the bee sucks, there suck IArneSongDuet
153 Widdicombe FairVariousFolk SongDuet
154 Wraggle Taggle Gypsies OhVariousFolk SongSolo
155 YesterdayMcCartneyPopular SongsOrchestra
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