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Waltz Category (or Waltz form)
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A Waltz is music in 3/4 time with light tuneful melodies, and simple chordal lower parts with the first beat heavily accented. It is primarily a dance form, still popular in the ballroom, but has been adapted for the concert hall in many famous classical works. It originates from Austrian and German country dances or Landler, from the mid 1700s.

It can be argued that the waltz is a more lively descendent of an older dance form, the stately minuet, which was also in 3/4 time. In the classical period, both Mozart and Beethoven wrote some Landler, or country dances, which sound pretty much like waltzes. In the romantic period, Chopin is especially famous for his lyrical and elaborate piano waltzes.

 Johann Strauss is the most famous composer to have specialized in writing waltzes, such as the Blue Danube, and Tales of the Vienna Woods. His beloved city of Vienna is considered the waltz capital of the world.

Tunes belonging to the Waltz category. Audio is available for 49 tunes for this category.
No.Name of WorkComposerEnsemblePeriod
1 AlwaysBerlinRhythm ComboPopular Modern
2 Artist's Life Waltz, Op 316Strauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
3 Belle of the BallAndersonOrchestraPopular Modern
4 Blue Danube waltz Op 314Strauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
5 CharmaineVariousPops OrchestraPopular Modern
6 Emperor Waltz Op 437 (Kaiser Walzer)Strauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
7 German Dances (Deutsche Tanze)HaydnOrchestraClassical
8 Gold and Silver WaltzLehárOrchestraRomantic
9 Invitation to the Dance (Aufforderung zum Tanz)WeberSoloRomantic
10 La ValseRavelOrchestraImpressionist
11 Liebslieder Waltz No.6BrahmsOther EnsemblesRomantic
12 Morgenblatter waltzStrauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
13 Que Sera, SeraVariousPops OrchestraPopular Modern
14 Roses from the South, Op 388Strauss-Johann2DuetRomantic
15 Skaters' Waltz "Die Schlittschuhläufer" (Les Patineurs)WaldteufelOrchestraRomantic
16 Tales from the Vienna Woods - Waltz Op 325Strauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
17 Thousand and One Nights WaltzStrauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
18 Valse Brillante in Ab Op 34 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
19 Valse in EbDurandSoloRomantic
20 Vienna Blood Waltz Op 354Strauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
21 Voices Of Spring Waltz, Op 410Strauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
22 Waltz from Der RosenkavalierStrauss-RichardDuetRomantic
23 Waltz from masqueradeKhachaturianOrchestraModern (Serious)
24 Waltz in A minor for pianoGriegSoloRomantic
25 Waltz in Ab for pianoBrahmsSoloRomantic
26 Waltz in Eb Grande Valse Brillante.ChopinSoloRomantic
27 Waltz in Gb Op 70 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
28 Waltz No.10 in B minorChopinSoloRomantic
29 Waltz No.2 from Suite for Variety Orchestra.ShostakovichPops OrchestraModern (Serious)
30 Waltz No.3 in A minor Op.34 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
31 Waltz No.6 in Db "Minute Waltz"ChopinSoloRomantic
32 Waltz No.7 in C# minorChopinSoloRomantic
33 Waltz, Op. 34, No.3 in FChopinSoloRomantic
34 Waltz, Op. 42 in A-flatChopinSoloRomantic
35 Waltz, Op. 64, No.3 in A-flatChopinSoloRomantic
36 Waltz, Op. 69, No.1 in A-flatChopinSoloRomantic
37 Waltz, Op. 70, No.2 in F minorChopinSoloRomantic
38 Waltz, Op. 70, No.3 in D-flatChopinSoloRomantic
39 Waltz, Op. Posth. in E minorChopinSoloRomantic
40 Waltzes - from 36 Original Dances D365SchubertSoloClassical
41 Wine Women and Song - Waltz Op 333Strauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
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