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Short Piece Category (or Short Piece form)
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This category of Short Pieces covers all kinds of short works, such as piano miniatures like Chopin's waltzes, mazurkas, Nocturnes and Polonaises, or brief orchestral and instrumental works which don't fall into other categories

Tunes belonging to the Short Piece category. Audio is available for 207 tunes for this category.
No.Name of WorkComposerEnsemblePeriod
1 AdagioAlbinoniOther EnsemblesBaroque
2 Adagio for strings, Op 11BarberOrchestraModern (Serious)
3 Agogo TuneVariousSoloTraditional
4 Album LeafGriegSoloRomantic
5 An Old Musical BoxDe-SéveracSoloRomantic
6 Andantino, Piano Concerto No.9 (arr. Busoni)MozartSoloClassical
7 Arabesque No.1 in EDebussySoloImpressionist
8 Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - from SolomonHandelOrchestraBaroque
9 Art of the Fugue BWV 1080BachSoloBaroque
10 Automne (Étude de concert), Op. 35, No.2ChaminadeSoloRomantic
11 Bagatelles (six) - Op 126BeethovenSoloClassical
12 Ballade No 2 in F, Op.38ChopinSoloRomantic
13 Ballade No.3 in A-flat, Op. 47ChopinSoloRomantic
14 Barcarolle from Tales of HoffmanOffenbachOrchestraRomantic
15 Barcarolle, Op. 60ChopinSoloRomantic
16 Berceuse, Op. 57ChopinSoloRomantic
17 Blue Bells of ScotlandWallaceSoloModern (Serious)
18 Blue TangoAndersonPops OrchestraPopular Modern
19 Butterfly from Lyric Pieces Book 3, Op 43GriegSoloRomantic
20 Callirhoè (Air de ballet)ChaminadeSoloRomantic
21 Carmen Fantasy, K284BusoniSoloRomantic
22 Chanson de MatinElgarDuetRomantic
23 Clair de Lune from Suite BergamasqueDebussySoloImpressionist
24 ConsolationLisztSoloRomantic
25 Écossaise No.1 in DChopinSoloRomantic
26 Écossaise No.2 in GChopinSoloRomantic
27 El Choclo - Tango ArgentineVilloldoSoloRomantic
28 Espana Rhapsody Themes ChabrierOrchestraImpressionist
29 Étude Op 10 No.3 in EChopinSoloRomantic
30 Etude, Op. 2, No.11 in c-sharpScriabinSoloModern (Serious)
31 Fanfare for the Common ManCoplandOrchestraModern (Serious)
32 Fantasie Impromptu Op 66ChopinSoloRomantic
33 Fantasy in c, K. 475MozartSoloClassical
34 Fantasy in c, K.396MozartSoloClassical
35 Fantasy in d, K. 397MozartSoloClassical
36 Forgotten DreamsAndersonPops OrchestraPopular Modern
37 Für EliseBeethovenSoloClassical
38 GavotteGossecDuetClassical
39 GigueScarlattiSoloBaroque
40 Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Preludes Book 1 No.8)DebussySoloImpressionist
41 Granada, from Suite Española, Op.47 AlbénizSoloImpressionist
42 HabaneraChabrierSoloImpressionist
43 Harmonious Blacksmith (Air and 2 variations, from 5th harpsichord Suite)HandelOrchestraBaroque
44 Humoresque Op 101 No.7DvořákSoloRomantic
45 Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 in C# MinorLisztSoloRomantic
46 Impromptu in B, Opus 25 No.1ArenskySoloRomantic
47 Impromptu No.2 in Ab Op.142SchubertSoloRomantic
48 Impromptu No.3 in Gb Op 90SchubertSoloRomantic
49 Impromptu Op 142 No.3 in BbSchubertSoloRomantic
50 In a Monastery GardenKetèlbeySoloRomantic
51 Intermezzo from Cavalleria RusticanaMascagniOrchestraRomantic
52 Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Op 47ElgarOrchestraRomantic
53 Islamey - Oriental FantasyBalakirevSoloRomantic
54 Jamaican RhumbaVariousSoloTraditional
55 La danza - Tarentella Napolitana (piano transcription by Liszt)RossiniSoloRomantic
56 Landler in F for clarinet and pianoWeberDuetRomantic
57 Landler No.1 in EbSchubertSoloRomantic
58 Le rappel des oiseauxRameauSoloBaroque
59 Les fifresDandrieuSoloBaroque
60 Liebesträume No.3LisztSoloRomantic
61 Löse, Himmel, meine Seele (arr. Liszt)LassenSoloRomantic
62 Lullaby (Sleep Little Prince)MozartSoloClassical
63 Maple Leaf RagJoplinSoloModern (Serious)
64 Mazurka Op. 7 No.1 in BbChopinSoloRomantic
65 Mazurka Op. 33, No.2 in DChopinSoloRomantic
66 Mazurka Op. 59, No.2 in A-flatChopinSoloRomantic
67 Mazurka Op. 63 No.3 in C# minorChopinSoloRomantic
68 Mazurka Op. 68, No.2 in A minorChopinSoloRomantic
69 Meditation from ThaisMassenetDuetRomantic
70 Mélodie in FRubensteinSoloRomantic
71 Menuetto No.6 in D K355MozartSoloClassical
72 Midsummer Vigil (Swedish Rhapsody No.1)AlfvenOrchestraModern (Serious)
73 Minuet from Anna Magdalena's NotebookBachSoloBaroque
74 Minuet in G (Beethoven)BeethovenSoloClassical
75 Minuet in G (Paderewski)PaderewskiSoloRomantic
76 Minuet in G (written while only 7 years old)MozartSoloClassical
77 Mock MorrisGraingerSoloModern (Serious)
78 Moment Musical Op 94 No.3 in F minorSchubertSoloRomantic
79 Morris dance from Henry VIII Incidental MusicGermanSoloRomantic
80 Mouvement perpetuelsPoulencSoloModern (Serious)
81 MusetteRameauSoloBaroque
82 New RagJoplinDuetModern (Serious)
83 Nocturne in C minor (posthumous)ChopinSoloRomantic
84 Nocturne in C# (posthumous)ChopinSoloRomantic
85 Nocturne No 4 in AFieldSoloRomantic
86 Nocturne No.1 in Bb minor Op 9 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
87 Nocturne No.1 in EbFieldSoloRomantic
88 Nocturne No.10 in Ab Op.32 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
89 Nocturne No.11 in G minor Op 37 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
90 Nocturne No.12 in G Op 37 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
91 Nocturne No.13 in C minor Op 48 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
92 Nocturne No.14 in F# minor Op 48 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
93 Nocturne No.15 in F minor Op 55 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
94 Nocturne No.16 in Eb Op 55 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
95 Nocturne No.17 in B Op 62 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
96 Nocturne No.18 in E Op 62 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
97 Nocturne No.19 in E minor Op 72 No.1 (posthumous)ChopinSoloRomantic
98 Nocturne No.2 in Eb Op 9 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
99 Nocturne No.3 in B Op 9 No.3ChopinSoloRomantic
100 Nocturne No.4 in F Op 15 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
101 Nocturne No.5 in BbFieldSoloRomantic
102 Nocturne No.5 in F# Op 15 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
103 Nocturne No.6 in G minor Op 15 No.3ChopinSoloRomantic
104 Nocturne No.7 in C# minor Op 27 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
105 Nocturne No.8 in Db Op 27 No.2ChopinSoloRomantic
106 Nocturne No.9 in B Op 32 No.1ChopinSoloRomantic
107 Norwegian Dance Op 35 No.2GriegDuetRomantic
108 Op. 118, No 2: Intermezzo in ABrahmsSoloRomantic
109 Organ Chorale Wachet Auf - Sleepers awake! (Cantata 140, 4th movement)BachOrchestraBaroque
110 PastoraleScarlattiSoloBaroque
111 Pavan - The Earle of SalisburyByrdSoloRenaissance
112 Pavanne for a Dead InfantaRavelOrchestraImpressionist
113 Pizzicato PolkaStrauss-Johann2OrchestraRomantic
114 PoemFibichSoloRomantic
115 Polonaise in A Major Op 40 No.1 'Military'ChopinSoloRomantic
116 Polonaise, Op. 53 in A-flatChopinSoloRomantic
117 Prelude in C BWV846a from The Well-Tempered ClavierBachSoloBaroque
118 Preludes, Op. 28ChopinSoloRomantic
119 Punch (Le Polichinelle)Villa-LobosSoloModern (Serious)
120 RagamuffinIrelandSoloRomantic
121 Recuerdos de la AlhambraTarregaSoloRomantic
122 RêverieDebussySoloImpressionist
123 Ride of the Valkyries from Die WalkureWagnerOrchestraRomantic
124 Romance for violin and orchestra, Op 11DvořákOrchestraRomantic
125 Romance, La Pazza Per AmoreDalayracSoloClassical
126 Rondeau in D minorPurcellSoloBaroque
127 Rondo for Violin and Piano in G major, WoO 41BeethovenDuetClassical
128 Rumanian Folk DancesBartókSoloModern (Serious)
129 Rustle of Spring Op 32 No.3SindingSoloModern (Serious)
130 Sadness of Soul, from Songs without WordsMendelssohnSoloRomantic
131 Salut d'Amour Op 12ElgarOrchestraRomantic
132 Scarf DanceChaminadeSoloRomantic
133 Scherzo No.4 in E, Op.54ChopinSoloRomantic
134 Serenade, Op. 29ChaminadeSoloRomantic
135 Shepherd's Hey, from English Morris DancesGraingerSoloModern (Serious)
136 Sicilienne Op 78FauréOrchestraRomantic
137 Sleigh RideAndersonPops OrchestraPopular Modern
138 Song of India from SadkoRimsky-KorsakovOrchestraRomantic
139 Song Without Words Opus 40 No.6TchaikovskySoloRomantic
140 Spanish Dance in A, Op 12 No.3MoszkowskiSoloRomantic
141 Spanish Dance No.2GranadosSoloRomantic
142 St. Valentine's DayVariousDuetRomantic
143 Stocho Barocco - an Aeolian AmbleGomersallOrchestraBaroque
144 Study in Ternary FormGomersallString QuartetModern (Serious)
145 Syncopated ClockAndersonPops OrchestraPopular Modern
146 Taiti Trot (Tea for two)ShostakovichOrchestraModern (Serious)
147 Tale of Tsar Saltan, Op 57 - Flight of Bumble BeeRimsky-KorsakovOrchestraRomantic
148 TambourinRameauSoloBaroque
149 Tango in DAlbénizSoloImpressionist
150 The Easy WinnersJoplinSoloModern (Serious)
151 The Flatt'rer (La Lisonjera)ChaminadeSoloRomantic
152 To a Wild Rose (from Woodland Sketches) Op 51 No.1McDowellSoloRomantic
153 Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565BachSoloBaroque
154 Toccata in AParadiesSoloBaroque
155 Tritsch-Tratsch PolkaStrauss-Johann2SoloRomantic
156 Two-Part Invention No.01 in CBachSoloBaroque
157 Two-Part Invention No.02 in C minorBachSoloBaroque
158 Two-Part Invention No.03 in DBachSoloBaroque
159 Two-Part Invention No.04 in D minorBachSoloBaroque
160 Two-Part Invention No.05 in EbBachSoloBaroque
161 Two-Part Invention No.08 in FBachSoloBaroque
162 Two-part Invention No.13 in A MinorBachSoloBaroque
163 Two-Part Invention No.14 in BbBachSoloBaroque
164 Violin Romance No.1 in G major Op 40BeethovenOrchestraClassical
165 Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Op 65 No.6GriegSoloRomantic
166 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.01 in CBachSoloBaroque
167 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.02 in C minorBachSoloBaroque
168 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.03 in C#BachSoloBaroque
169 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.05 in DBachSoloBaroque
170 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.07 in EbBachSoloBaroque
171 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.08 in Eb minorBachSoloBaroque
172 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.09 in EBachSoloBaroque
173 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.21 in BbBachSoloBaroque
174 Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 - Prelude and Fugue No.22 in Bb minorBachSoloBaroque
175 Why? (Warum?) Op 12 No.3SchumannSoloRomantic
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