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Orchestral Instruments, and music featuring each instrument.

No.InstrumentLowest NoteHighest NoteFamilyMIDI Patch
1 Accordion4889Other21
2 Agogo00World113
3 BagPipe5569World109
4 Banjo4884World105
5 Baritone Sax3668Woodwind67
6 Bassoon3475Woodwind70
7 Bells00Other14
8 Celesta60108Keyboards8
9 Cello3684String Family42
10 ChoirVoices4179Other52
11 Clarinet5094Woodwind71
12 Clavichord3684Keyboards7
13 Double Bass2860String Family43
14 Dulcimer5580Keyboards15
15 EnglishHorn5284Woodwind69
16 Flute6098Woodwind73
17 French Horn2977Brass60
18 Glockenspiel79108Keyboards9
19 Guitar4076Guitars24
20 Harmonica5591Other22
21 Harp23103String Family46
22 Harpsichord4189Keyboards6
23 Kalimba5579World108
24 Koto4881World107
25 Marimba3684Keyboards12
26 Music Box00Keyboards10
27 Muted Trumpet5282Brass59
28 Oboe5893Woodwind68
29 Organ2496Keyboards19
30 PanFlute6096World75
31 Piano21108Keyboards0
32 Piccolo74108Woodwind72
33 Pizzicato Strings28107String Family45
34 Recorder7296Other74
35 SaxAlto4980Woodwind65
36 SaxSoprano5687Woodwind64
37 SaxTenor4475Woodwind66
38 Shakuhachi6286World77
39 Shamisen6295World106
40 Shanai5781World111
41 Sitar4985World104
42 Steel Drums3389World114
43 Strings28107String Family48
44 Tango Accordion3693Other23
45 Timpani4153Percussion47
46 Tremolo Strings28107String Family44
47 Trombone4070Brass57
48 Trumpet5282Brass56
49 Tuba2858Brass58
50 Vibes5389Keyboards11
51 Viola4893String Family41
52 Violin55107String Family40
53 Voice4179Other53
54 Woodblock00Effects115
55 Xylophone65108Keyboards13
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